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PLEASE allow users to turn the "AUTO" scanning feature default to OFF in camera



Every time I use the camera in the Evernote iPhone app (e.g. version 10.3) it defaults to "AUTO" scanning, where it flounders around trying to capture an image on it's own.

I personally find this feature useless, as it's slow at best, and doesn't even work well with white-paper documents on a black background. It would be faster and more accurate (i.e. efficient) just to frame my document / image captures myself without this low-IQ app trying to make decisions as to framing and content which it's just not well able to make.

I want unfettered access to the camera without having to flounder with that (useless or not) "AUTO" feature every time I want to capture an image!

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For the love of god, yes.

Just let ME decide which mode I'd like to work in as my default, and allow me to switch between the two. Just in trying to hit the PHOTO (vs AUTO) toggle, the stupid "low IQ app" takes about 3 terrible photos that I have to delete and start over. It turns a 30 second job into a 3 minute job.

Terrible UX.

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The build in scanner is basic, does that job and not much more. The pro is its availability, and it usually does the job to quickly grab a document or similar. I can’t confirm the problem to find the edges. It shows a green area while scanning, but this is more an indicator where it is looking. The real processing happens after scanning, and it is usually accurate.

If you scan more frequently, you could try Scannable (iOS only), or any 3rd party scanner.

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