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First, it's been nearly impossible to find any help on this topic. Second, when I do find help, it's not helpful. I keep reading, "Right click". Well, that does absolutely nothing. No menu comes up. There aren't three dots next to my stacks, either, even when I hover the mouse/pointer over the stack I want to rename. I'm on a MacBook. It's OS is 14.0.2. The Evernote version is 10.5.7. 

And please don't tell me I have to move all my stuff around to make a new stack. That is absurd. Especially as I JUST subscribed to premium, which I'll have no problem canceling if that's all the response I get. How incredibly inept to "update" a software but make an extremely basic function like renaming unusable. To make me pay for something I have to do more work on, using time I don't have.

I'm including screenshots of both the app and the website. This is fully expanded sidebar. I can't demonstrate the lack of dots when I hover my mouse but trust me, they never show up, and nothing at all happens when I right click.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 8.13.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 8.13.49 AM.png

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  1. Click 'Notebooks'
  2. You will see the list of all Stacks and Notebooks within them
  3. To the right hand side of the Stack you want to rename, click the 'three dots'
  4. Select the Option Rename Stack
  5. Type a new Name
  6. Click Save
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It still took me a minute but I figured out what you meant and did it. Thank you for the help.

But I've had to do this a couple times the past few months, and call me stupid but I can never remember. Why can't I just right click the name and change it? It would really be nice if Evernote would make this simpler, just allow us to select the stack or notebook in question on the sidebar and change it as we go.

But again, thank you. I fixed the stack I was looking at.

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I can't answer the why we can't do that, there may be a technical reason, it may have been tried and ruled out by an earlier test group - it is the same on the 4 platforms I use though, Web, PC, Mac and iOS [don't go anywhere near Android] - and at the end of the day thats the end result they were shooting for 'uniformity'.  It's maybe muscle memory required 😀

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Pink Elephant: Thanks for educating us how to rename and delete stacks.

General comment: Holy virgin mother of God.  You've got to be kidding me.  Those features couldn't be more buried in the UI if you planned it at the design stage.  But wait!  It's a brand new version, so this 'feature' was planned at the design stage!

Hey Evernote team:

1.  Some really nice features in version 10.  However, you released version 10 way too soon without sufficient usability testing (as evidenced by the confusion here, and on other topics).  As a former software exec, I have seen this all the time.  The developer attitude is "let's make it cool!" instead of "let's make it work."

2.  Bring back right-clicks in Windows.  I'm reasonably certain that the right-click is a basic Microsoft Windows application development requirement (that has been ignored here).


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When discussing UI, always keep in mind this version of EN is practically a browser session, in which the EN client is nested. I am no developer, but probably this restricts the GUI capabilities to those the framework (browser environment) allows for. When I right click on an item in a browser window, I do not get the OS options, but the browser options. Since EN should be as similar as possible on different platforms, they will probably not follow Windows or Mac GUI design principles.

This is not to say I like it this way, but many things in the new client obviously are following their own internal rules.

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It may have been tried and ruled out by an earlier test group - it is the same on the 4 platforms I use thoughweb, PC, Mac and iOS [don't go anywhere near Android] - and at the end of the day that's the end result they were shooting for 'uniformity'.

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