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Skitch 2.9 with Big Sur & Apple M1 issues - unstable and crashing on drag sometimes

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Hi. I've recently updated to macOS Big Sur 11.1 and an Apple M1 laptop. I decided to continue using Skitch since Skitch is amazing and I've been loving it for years.

Unfortunately, I am having an unstable time of it. At first I thought everything worked amazingly. Then I woke up the next day, took a screenshot, dragged it to Messages - and Messages crashed. I repeated this multiple times. It either crashed every time, or after a few successful drags.

Then this started happening with Safari, then Microsoft Teams.

Now I worry about using Skitch at all, because I cannot be losing tickets that I create that require screenshots - I always write a ton of text to, say Azure DevOps, then finish with a screenshot -> drag it in -> Safari becomes unresponsive -> need to restart Safari -> all text lost.

Is Team Skitch working on making a newer version of Skitch compatible with macOS Big Sur 11.1 and Apple M1? Is there a debugging version I could install and send y'all logs about the crashes? I'd love to somehow be of help. 

P.S. Is there a workaround where I can somehow save a Skitch-annotated screenshot, to say, the Downloads folder, and then continue from there without experiencing crashes?

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Experiencing the same. My default workflow is annotating the image in Skitch and then directly copying to Clipboard but most of the time, it just crashes my browser after being unresponsive for a long time when I try to paste an image from Clipboard.

And, the "Show Clipboard" in Finder also shows a blank dark area when viewing it after copying the image from skitch menu/key shortcut.

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Yeah - it sucks that Skitch causes Outlook AND Apple Mail to crash - I've never pasted images from Skitch to anything other than Office Apps or iWork Apps. I found a workaround - basically use Skitch to mark the image as usual THEN press Command-Control-Shift-4 and select the newly made Skitch image. ALTERNATIVELY, you can EXPORT the Skitch image then import to your desired app. 

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