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cant log into accounts on MAC or desktop apps

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hi, i cant login to my evernote via the downloaded apps on desktop or mac. only via the website. 

the screen "signing in" stays on and nothing happens. 

i log in via the Google link. not a manually created pass and login. 



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You both could try to issue a support ticket. For Basic accounts, only the „Account“ type of ticket is available.

Did you open the account already with the Google login, or was there a first login with an e-mail and password ?

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When I try to log in I get an error page telling me to refresh - which I do but that does not help. I have to exit my browser and open it up again every single time - and then I can log in - which is a royal pain. I'm on Safari. Is there a problem with Evernote on Safari? Any other suggestions?

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