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Couldn't we customise our own 14 colours, or pick from a wider selection (eg the original websafe colours)? I used a lot of colour coding in my notes system and if I have to upgrade to v10 it's ruined - none of the new colours are close to my system colours and it would take an eternity to go and re-do them all. I also just don't like the new colours. There's no pink and there's not enough contrast between the dark blue and purple.

It would also be so much more efficient if we could style our own link, heading and call-out colours - even if it was just a single 'brand' colour.

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I think dark mode complicates the issue. Perhaps in the future they could have an option to allow you to enable more colors with the caveat that they may be inverted if, for example, they are created in a dark note but then viewed on a light/white note.

I do miss custom fonts and colors, but since I've been stuck working in my dark garage during the pandemic, dark mode has really been a blessing.

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I forgot to finish writing it LOL
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