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I have been playing around with a new note app called Craft. The initial release was late last year, so within the timeframe of the release of Evernote 10.

Craft is a pleasure to use on my iPhone, and especially on my iPad with its large screen. It is completely gesture based - like with v10, you can select and format text, but you can also reorder lines of text, or whole paragraphs, by dragging them around with your finger. It is an app that was built with the idea of mobile first - it fully uses the capabilities provided by a mobile operating system. And of course what you can do with your finger on an iPad, you can do with a mouse on a MacOS device (it is Apple only).

My point isn't to recommend Craft over Evernote - it can only do a subset of what Evernote does, so it won't be enough for many users. But it makes me think that even when v10 has finally fixed all these initial problems that we are all complaining about, Evernote will still be behind the curve, because it is basically a computer app that also runs on mobile. So for those of us who use mobile devices as our primary device, Evernote is still going to seem old fashioned and not as mobile friendly as many contemporary mobile apps.

Perhaps most Evernote users are computer only, or computer first. V10 features seem to show up first on MacOS, not iOS. But I think the future belongs to mobile, not the desktop.

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