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Hi there.

I have exactly the same issue. (Also experiencing the duplicate notes issue and the freezing Evernote issue.)

Evernote is becoming more buggy by the day. Desperately looking for a good alternative. Please post if anyone knows of one.


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9 minutes ago, Azeroth said:

I have exactly the same issue.

I'm surprised. There was a huge time delay between adding a tag and that tag being searchable back in January. A lot of progress has been made on this issue and In my experience a note with a tag can now be found almost instantly after the tag has been added.

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@Azeroth  If the current programs are „getting more buggy every day“, and tasks like tagging don’t work, it may be your impression. In fact from client to client the number of bugs decreased fast, and new features were added. There may be some issues left, and for sure there is still no feature parity of the desktop client with the legacy clients, but v10.9.1 is a working client. If not it is broken on this single computer, for whatever reason.

Get help from support, or do the obvious: Uninstall, restart the computer, reinstall.

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I am experiencing this issue. In recent months have drastically increased both the number of notes (3k to 6k) as well as my usage of tags. While I was relieved to learn I was not the only user experiencing this issue, I pray it is an issue which is receiving attention to resolve?

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