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Today I revived my old Evernote account, deleted all my old files, and started afresh. However, when I simply search for a word I know for a fact is contained in one of my PDF's (which are all searchable - I checked by clicking on the PDF itself, and pressing cmd-F - that works fine). When I use the app's search function, the only results it is bringing up are from the notes I deleted (even though I emptied my bin as well). Even when I search for a word in a newly created note (not attachment), nothing is coming up, except old, deleted notes. This is the case on the Mac version, IOS version, and web version. I did wait to see if it was just a matter of it needing some more time, but it's been almost 5 hours now and no luck. Thanks so much in advance!

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After a fresh installation it will take a while (sometimes a long while) before all the text in PDFs is searchable even though the individual note already exists. In fact, I use this test as a way of determining whether the installation is complete. I recommend leaving the app open all the time, so that it can "do its stuff".

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I am beginning to learn how EN works regarding sifting through all notes to "index" them to be able to be searched and the time it takes.  Do you, anyone, know of a good explanation of this is done and how it works?  I've used EN for 10 years with good results but am finding it squirrely these days in a few ways, search being one of them. 

Last week I uninstalled and reinstalled to the newest version and my bookkeeper did as well.  We agreed to only use EN opened in a browser, based on what I've read - that the web-client EN is more up to date than the app platform.  Does this enter into your understanding of enabling EN to do its stuff?

My EN has around 5000 notes in a notebook for receipts and back-up material (images .png, pdf, webclips, spreadsheets, etc. etc) that my bookkeeper and I add to regularly.  Searching them easily is the EN objective.




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