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"Dashboard" in error message; confused

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When I press Sync, on my Samsung S10 I get "Note upload failed.. Note conflict Dashboard".  What does it mean?  That message keeps appearing in my Notifications list.

I was told the how important v numbers were and maybe that is the problem.  I keep waiting for the  availability of the  updated Android app but "upgrade" never appears on the listing in the Play Store.  So until I get that upgrade I'm sticking with the older v on my laptop, where I don't get a sync error, which seems odd; wouldn't I get that error on both devices if I get it on one?

This is the v I now have on my Laptop: (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)  I'm not sure the current v but I didn't initiale any upgrades, for the reason mentioned above, but could autoupgrade be in play here? 



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