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"Attempt to Invoke Virtual Method..."

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Android 11, EN 8.13.3. Got a new (to me) error message just now while failing to sync. I restarted my phone, error message still there.

I searched all forums, found no posts about this error message.

At one point, before I noticed the sync error message, the note I was editing (that I ended up losing) seemed to change to a "Shared Note" even though I didn't do sharing, it was just a standard note created on Desktop EN, synced to non-shared notebook, then editing on my phone to add photos. That note I was editing no longer appears on my phone, neither it it's original form nor in edited form. Interestingly, sync seems to be working for other existing notes.

So....lost 5 photos that were added. Fortunately they are replaceable.

Anyone else getting it? Any ideas?

(Also, apparently if you attach the wrong file by mistake, there is no way to delete the attachment, neither before nor after you upload it?)




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And as mysteriously as this problem appeared, it has gone away. When that happened, my missing note suddenly appeared, along with a note conflict notice regarding a different note that was edited at about the same time-frame. So maybe this was fundamentally a server-side issue, that the clients (Android and Win) didn't handle particularly well...my network was fine all during this.

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The Internet Pixies must have been a bit hungover when trying to update your account!  Glad it was magically fixed anyway:  my stock comment for any Android issues is uninstall / restart / reinstall,  but if you need to avoid v10 some creative searching might be involved in finding the right download for 8.13...

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