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Can't use EN anymore "You reached your limit --> Upgrade"

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Hello! :)

Everytime I open my free, installed EN version on my PC, a few seconds later I get the message "you need to upgrade" & "you reached your limit of 2 devices". I don't use EN anywhere else. This problem started a few weeks ago but I use EN for a few years now - and I didn't change anything...

How did i reach the limit?! I deleted EN on my phone (where it was pre-installed) but EN still doesn't work on my PC.

Can somebody help me?

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There may be another explanation: If your account was hacked (by using access data from other breaches in the internet - EN itself is safe), the hackers device will register as yours, using up the device limit.

Go to your account page and check whether you know all devices you see there. If there is an unknown device, immediately change your password to a new, strong and unique one, and deauthorize the unknown device.

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Also, it is quite common for an old mobile, laptop or whatever to have been used in the past. Uninstalling Evernote may not always deregister the device.  The best way forward is to deregister every device and then log back in on the up to two devices you intend to use remembering that the web browser version also counts as one of the two if you use it.


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Hello again and thanks for your answers!

Something magical happened - since I created this account to share my problem here yesterday, I can use EN again and the warnings are gone. I don't know exactly why, maybe it has something to do with me logging in again (on the website)? I don't have to log in / log out on my pre-installed EN App on my PC, but that's the only explanation I could think of... 


Anyways, I have followed @gazumped advice and checked how many devices are associated with my account. It turned out to be 3 accounts: my PC, my phone (where I thought I deleted EN) and my very old phone which I haven't used for 3 years now. That could explain a lot, thank you!

@PinkElephant Good to know. Luckily, that's not the case! 😅

@agsteeleThanks, I will try that!


Thanks again for your help.

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