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(Archived) Evernote 2.0 Beta 4 for Android

Philip Constantinou

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Evernote 2.0 beta is now publishing updates using our auto-update mechanism so you'll always have access to the latest beta.

Beta 4 included the following updates:

  • [*:1lbm46yx]More robust synchronization and note uploading
    [*:1lbm46yx]Improved "More notes" tab in the note list
    [*:1lbm46yx]Improved support for small screens
    [*:1lbm46yx]Improved handling of Airplane mode
    [*:1lbm46yx]Add the option few notes with scaled images
    [*:1lbm46yx]Much bug fixing

Download the latest beta now at:


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Thanks for the continuing work.

I'm now running b4 (Build 107309, V 2.0b4)on a Nexus One with standard Froyo.

Many of the points I made in my post in the Beta 2.0 initial thoughts thread still stand (action icons at the top of the screen need to be bigger - or at least more widely spaced; help screen needed; list view for tag/notebook lists; offline syncing by tags, not notebooks).

Fixed are:

Consistent icon for choosing a view (new thumbnail+text icon with a drop down arrow).

If I do an offline search, it now either returns items that are already cached or brings up a Search Error box to say there is no data connection available, which I have to dismiss -so that's fixed. One minor change that I'd make to that is to give the user the option to do the same search again (having enabled some sort of connection, assuming that's possible). If the search was manual, it should be in the recent search list, but if not, you have to remember what it was you were trying to do before getting distracted by the lack of data connection.

Another couple of enhancements I'd like to see in searches are two long press options:

1. edit and re-search (e.g. if I misspelled a tag, I can't edit my search and redo it - I have to type it all out again, and

2. save this search (i.e. it found what I wanted, and now I want to create a saved search to be able to do it more easily next time).

Sync notification was working in a previous beta, but seems to have disappeared again now.


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