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The whole reason was to streamline all apps and you go and take away the sidebar. iOS

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When I choose a saved search or tag from my sidebar I expect it to show a new list to the right of my sidebar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Exactly as you have done it on the desktop-client and the web-version.

I am now stuck with 2-3 more cllicks and swipes and what not just to function in my workflow that has worked for years.

Can you please make the sidebar/lists-behaviour consistent across all your apps.

The one big reason you did all this was to have a unified experience across all 5 apps. And now it's not.


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  • coox changed the title to The whole reason was to streamline all apps and you go and take away the sidebar. iOS

Sorry I have to add that this is a user to user forum. That´'s why me and others may not feel addressed if you ask me or us for making the sidebar/lists-behaviour consistent across all our(?) apps. (Evernote staff may look in eventually, but by looking at the actual needs and number of posts and support issues they have to deal with they probably won't find the time to answer here themselves...)

Additionally you are posting in a general discussion with an issue with seems to regard iOS v10 most.

If you look at the posts to iOS you will see that there are allready some complains about to many time-taking clicks and swipes at the mobile version compared with the desktop versions.

And by the way: the behaviour across all apps and plattforms in v10 is in general much more consistent (and hardly streamlined and stripped down) than before..

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