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Evernote Android (and website via that device) not connecting to Internet on my job's guest network.

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Today, on my 2 Android devices (tablet and phone) which are connected to my employer's guest network, I'm getting an error that Evernote is not connected to the Internet. Further, when I try to go to evernote.com, Chrome blocks me claiming my connection is not private. Dropbox and other sites work fine. When I switched my tablet to tether off of my work phone, then Evernote worked. Meanwhile, my company laptop on the corporate network can access Evernote.com fine. 

The issue is that I can't access the contents of one of my PDF files on Evernote Web, so I'm trying to access it on my Android devices. 

At my previous job, my employer blocked everything, even on the guest networks. In my current job of 1.5 years, the company is much more open. I have regularly used the Evernote on my personal phone and personal tablet at work, using the guest network. And no problems accessing Evernote Web via the corporate network. For 1.5 years, and as recently as before the holidays.

Any thoughts on why Evernote may not be working on my company's guest network? I doubt they are blocking it since evernote.com works on the company's corporate network, and Dropbox and other cloud services are working fine, and it was working 3 weeks ago. As well the history of Evernote always breaking things.

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43 minutes ago, notetakeingguy said:

As well the history of Evernote always breaking things.

Cruel,  but sadly historically true - though I'm not aware of any current issues with the "legacy" Android App.  Other devices are having connection problems though,  so maybe there's a network issue.  If you can tether off the work phone or use the company laptop can you get your PDF that way?  You say you can't access the file via the web client - what sort of issues are you having there?

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The problem I'm having with the web client has been reported before where a PDF attachment looks like just plain text of the file name. It has to do with whether the note is HTML or not. If one can break the HTML, which I think I can do with the Windows client, v10, then it is possible. I reported it when I did the beta testing, and created a thread for it, but it hasn't been resolved.


Unfortunately, I think the blocking of it is from my own company, and only on the guest network. I can't even get on these forums on the guest network. But I can with the corporate network as I am now. I can't use my company laptop to access the PDF because it is accessing via the web client. Similarly, my work phone doesn't have Evernote installed (and we are supposed to stay on the guest network with our work phones).

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It is quite a standard today on professional networks not only to control the incoming traffic, but to check and block outgoing traffic as well. If one client got an infection with a trojan software, this piece of sh** will try to reach its control server, to download more evil stuff.

So admins like to block outgoing connections as well. Why they do it on the guest network, whoever knows ? Maybe they don’t like guests ...

The solution is maybe simple: Get yourself a VPN service, and try first to connect there, and then through the tunnel to EN. Sometimes even this does not work (by blocking the Ports used by the VPN), but chances are it does allow you to dial out.

When I checked last time, TunnelBear VPN had a volume limited free version that could be used for a test run. Other providers probably offer similar test options.

If this doesn’t work, you can always use the mobile network to connect to EN.

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Luckily, my IT Desk folks are reasonable. They told me today that Evernote was originally blocked on the Corporate network, but people provided justifications so they unblocked it. They want me to write a couple sentences to justify unblocking it on the guest network, and indicated it would likely work. So let me do that and be set. They also gave me an URL I can use instead to get on evernote.com, but that wouldn't work on the Android App.

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