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Since v10, i don't have all my notebooks synced and can't capture anymore (notebook choice say "Loading")

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Since v10, i don't have all my notebooks synced (my default notebook isn't synced) and can't capture anymore (notebook choice say "Loading").

If i hit the "Sync now" button, it says "Sync finished" but it isn't...

I can see in the activity log a lot of errors like :

  • "ERROR: neutron:  Failed to get default notebooks data:  Unable to find Notebook with id"
  • "ERROR: neutron:  CollectionListNotebookRow_49c3c3d5-c5dd-4f51-92f4-c2ba0a06d9ee: ["Unable to find Notebook with id"
  • "WARN: conduit-core:  Performance:You are either filtering, sorting, and/or querying on unindexed paths {"actions":["querying"],"type":"Shortcut","queryName":"ShortcutList","unIndexedFilters":[],"unIndexedSorts":[],"unIndexedPaths":[["source","notebooks","id"],["source","notebooks","type"]],"timeElapsed":36} [native code]"
  • ERROR: neutron:  Could not get resource from en-cache
  • Etc.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but i have the same issue.


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I have the same problem.
In addition, I cannot save a new note. Can't save a scan of a document. Can't attach a file from another app. Evernote became useless.
I asked for a support and they said to reinstall.
The second time I reinstalled, almost all of my notebooks were gone. Only in the android app. The windows version was working poorly.
As a workaround I downgraded. I can't wait for a solution. Users should not be used as guinea pigs. I don't want to be a beta tester.

Version 8.12.2 for android is working perfectly.

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