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You no longer have access to this notebook.




On Mac: I click on a notebook, but then get a red message on top of the screen that says: "You no longer have access to this notebook", and then the notebook disappears. I have this issue with several notebooks. I think they were notebooks I created when I had another business account with my work email address. Now I use (log into) Evernote with my personal email address, but the notebooks (and Stacks) are still showing. I clicked on all of them; they disappeared but now they have all reappeared. They don't seem to have any notes on them as the counter shows "0". I try to delete them but the option to delete is not available on the menu. I can delete the stacks, but they come back again.

On iPhone: I don't see the message, but the issue is the same as in the Mac.

My side bar is full of old notebooks I do not need, can't have access to or delete them. Please help!!

I've attached a screenshot, but cropped the image so that confidential information on the side bar does not show.1717559188_Screenshot2021-01-05at13_55_39.thumb.png.94760c7c466b481d8e7b4d46c84764fa.png

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I have the same problem with notebooks that were shared with me from a different account. They are no longer shared with me -- I don't think that other account even exists anymore. But the notebooks still how up on my notebook list and it's really cluttering my list. There is no way for me to delete them, hide them, move them. If I click on that notebook, the only thing that happens is that I get a message that I don't have access, and the option to export. That's it. I want to nuke them from my list and I can't. This seems to be a known problem, so it's frustrating that it's still happening. 

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This is a know issue - when a shared notebook  is deleted without un-sharing first, an orphan  remains.

Personally I regard this as a design mistake in the sharing concept. Users will not always do what software designers thought necessary. The inability to delete shared content at the recipient account should be solved.

Better try support if they can help you getting rid of the orphaned notebook.

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This just happened to me yesterday after an update to the desktop client. I get this message on several notebooks that I had access to the previous day, one of which was a folder containing notes from staff meetings for the past several years. That notebook is somehow gone now; most of the others have the "You no longer have access to this notebook" message. I need access to all of these! Is there any known way of taking care of this yet? -Prasad

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