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Cut/copy/paste not working consistently



When I Cut a section of text (often checklists) and try to Paste them elsewhere (usually in the same note) I get... nothing.

The "Cut" works and puts something in my clipboard that the "Paste" function doesn't recognize. I can see it in my Clipboard History (using Launchbar) as "Evernote Clipboard Object"), but it doesn't Paste. I can go back sometimes and Copy rather than Cut the text, then Paste it and that works. But "Cut" doesn't.

Any idea what's up? This is relatively new behavior — since the big Evernote for Mac update.

Using a 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
Big Sur 11.1 at the moment. Evernote 10.5.7




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This has been driving me CRAZY, but I finally figured it out. I have all my images set on "preview" rather than "title." I realized (finally) that some of the images I'd sent to Evernote did not have a filename with an extension. Any time I had an image without a name or without a PNG or JPG extension, etc, it would display properly but it would not copy and paste properly.

Woohoo! All I had to do was click on the image, click the three-dot menu, select "Rename" and rename the image with the proper extension. Voila! Copy and paste works like a charm.

PS. If this doesn't work for you, the way I found the problem was by copy-and-pasting the image and text grouping that was at issue from Evernote to an email draft. The text showed up fine, but the image showed up as a little "?" icon, so I knew that was the problem. So if the solution above doesn't work for you, try this trouble-shooting technique to pinpoint what part of your copy-and-paste is causing the problem in your case.

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