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Ability to set default attachment 'View As'



I loathe, with the fiery passion of a thousand UX suns, that attachments now default to 'single page'. I came very close to exporting my near decade worth of notes and canceling Evernote.  

I'm sticking with it out of hope that we will soon be able to select a default state under 'View As'.... to 'All Pages', so that I might quickly skim all the pages in my PDFs. I work with scientific papers a lot and having to click through 25 pages vs skimming multiple notes to find what I need is essential.

 I begrudgingly am setting 'view as' for each attachment currently to 'All Pages', shaking my fists at the monitor each time.

Otherwise, still loving Evernote as I always have. Just with more fist shaking now. 



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I'm in a similar situation, with 10+K notes in my "Literature" notebook, alone. There was probably a good reason for this design change (e.g. reduced bandwidth for complex notes?), but I hope that the option of a global full-view setting will be restored at some point.

From Ian Small's recent video, I get the sense that the company is more interested in adding or restoring "features" than fixing the terrible problems that many users are having in getting even minimal functionality with EN 10+.

Still loving EN (it's like a life-support system for someone with a declining memory), and keeping my fingers crossed that EN doesn't lose too many paying customers due to the debacle.

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