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An unusual business model - the gift that just keeps taking away

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I have used  the paid version of Evernote for over 10 years on all platforms.

The new Evernote appears to designed with one purpose in mind - to make life easier for the developers.
To reduce their workload even further they appear to have devised a strategy designed to lose as many customers as possible.
If the huge downgrade of the product doesn't lose them the sheer insult of it all will.

This is how it goes:
.1. remove any local storage of notes inevitably slowing down the product by at least 50% and much more in many instances. This performance
problem cannot be solved. Internet access is not and never will be as fast as local access. 
2. Remove as many important features as possible.  Encryption ( many people have for years asked for encryption for folders) the response appears to be to remove it
altogether - it is also not listed as an upcoming feature.  In the IOS version the home screen widget was removed.Just as other companies were making widgets for IOS14
Evernote dared to be different by ... having nothing at all for any IOS version. There are many other feature removals but it's hard to assess properly as the app is now so slow.

3. Having a 10 day  email wait for a response to a support ticket for premium users. Free users may get a response before they die. Other companies respond the same day

Of course as we are now using a product with far fewer features  we should be paying less. I am sure Evernotes next move will be to increase the price of the product.

I have never been a fan of Microsoft but I have moved to One note. it is now quite simply  better, before it was partly a matter of preference now it is an objective fact

Every time I use Evernote I just see an elephant laughing in my face.



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