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Focus is not in a title upon creating a new note

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when I create a new note, the focus is placed on the note content, not a title... I should manually return focus on the title each time, since this is obvious that I need to populate the title first ...

I remember, in old version I had a settings window where I could configure this behavior, but in a new version I didn't manage to find settings window at all :(

How can I make evernote to focus on the title upon new record creation?

my version:

v 10.5.7 build 2171 public
Editor: v114.1.14753
Service: v1.25.2
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On 1/2/2021 at 6:05 PM, Tangor said:

How can I make evernote to focus on the title upon new record creation?

I don't think you can. Pressing F2 will take you straight to the title (from wherever you are in the note) so that might help.

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This focus issue has actually been around a long time. The same thing happens in v6.25 Focus isn't in the title bar - but in the note content in 6.25 as well as 10.

I agree that putting focus in the title is the way that I work too but I know quite a few folk that like to write first and then title after they know what they have said.

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In my legacy version (I don't remember the version number), while focus was in the note content, the title would auto populate from the first line in the note. I sort of liked that, but that behavior is gone in the new version. I agree, defaulting focus to the title could be useful, or at least having the option to configure it would be nice. I suppose F2 is acceptable for me. It would be nice. due to my keyboard being weird, I just noticed that Shift tab in an empty note moves the cursor to the Title field, and Tab moves the cursor to the note content area. I think that's more intuitive for me than F2 (for which I have to hold another "fn" key).

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