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New release always running at high CPU

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Since upgrading to EverNote 10 (currently build 2171) it seems to be running with a lot more CPU.  I decided to move back to the legacy version because of this and the really slow query times, slow to add content (like a screenshot to a note).  I do have a lot of note (about 20,000) but I don;t think this is the way it should be scaling.


And some machine info... I really should not be having any problems...



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I'll second this observation, though I won't say "always" running at high CPU on macOS.

I will find periods when the "Evernote Helper (Renderer)" is running at high CPU. See attached. It will run like this periodically for several minutes, then reduce it's usage. All-in, though, it's been high for > 50% of the time I've watched today.

I haven't yet been able to equate those moments to when something might be happening in Evernote. It's NOT when a sync is happening (as far as I can see).

Also, this thread should be in a main Evernote channel - not "Integrations". I may cross-post there.

Evernote 10.5.7 build 2171 public, Editor: v114.1.14753, Service v1.25.2
macOS Catalina 10.15.7


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