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Provide a view to easily find Notes with Conflicts



I have the latest iOS 10.2.x on my iPhone. I am having an issue of Conflict Notes being created and want a way to easily find them. I need a view so I can easily find the Notes that have conflicts so I can handle getting rid of the duplicate/conflict notes.

I understand how conflicts could occur when editing the same note on two different devices. I have had less than 5 of these occur in the last 4 years of using Evernote on a daily basis with 3 devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows).

However, these latest conflicts are occurring within minutes of editing a note more than one time on the same device (my iPhone usually). I have had these type of conflicts being created more than 10 times just during the month of December 2020. I realize this issue will be hard to resolve by EN, so not expecting this issue to go away any time soon. Now just looking for an easy way to find the conflicts so I can clean them up.

My guess is that it may have something to do with using search, opening a note from list, making changes in it, and then opening an internal note link, and then opening another internal note link that takes me back to the original note that was opened from the search list and making more changes to it.

Note: I am very conscientious about not leaving the EN app in background and always shutting it down when done with my current session. I don't open EN on a device until I am sure it is not running on any of my other devices. I also force a sync before doing any editing.

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