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Notebooks, sub-notebooks and notebook stacks

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Good morning everybody and happy new year!
I have been using Evernote (the free version on Windows 10) for quite a while and now have around 200 notebooks and sub-notebooks, and probably thousands of notes.
However, for the past couple of weeks, I have had the following problem: When I create a new notebook and then drag another notebook on top of this notebook (so that it serves as a sub-notebook), it won't let me do it and something strange happens: Evernote will then create a notebook stack and move the sub-notebook to that newly created notebook stack.
I am going to add two screenshots to this message to show you exactly what I mean.
Screenshot 1 shows four notebooks that I created (1, 2, 3, 4)
Screenshot 2 shows what happens after I have dragged and dropped notebook 4 (which I wanted to be a sub-notebook) on notebook 3.
Can anybody explain me why this happens and what I can do to solve this issue?
Thank in advance for your help!

Evernote problem 01.JPG

Evernote problem 02.JPG

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8 hours ago, Will2021 said:

the options it recommends are not a part of the interface.

?? This is an Evernote 6.25 thread, which is the same version I am still using - right clicking a new notebook name gets me the options to move to stack / create a new stack...

The link leads to the Evernote help pages so you can also search for keywords there - though some of it is still being updated to v10

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Thanks everybody for your replies, and sorry it took me so long to respond!

Could you please take a look at the attached screenshot?

Are "Amazon (FBA)" and "Banking" not two sub-notebooks within the "Business and Finance" notebook?

Basically, that's the structure I want to use for my other notebooks as well, but I am unable to replicate it (each time I try, I get the problem described in my first message).

Thanks again for your help!




Screenshot Evernote_2021-01-16.JPG

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12 minutes ago, Olaforey said:

Are "Amazon (FBA)" and "Banking" not two sub-notebooks within the "Business and Finance" notebook?

"Business and Finance" is a stack

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35 minutes ago, Olaforey said:

Is it possible to convert an existing notebook into a stack so that I can put multiple notebooks inside that stack?

You can select multiple notebooks and put them in a stack    
You can't "convert" a notebook to a stack

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dcon's response is correct --  "Evernote does not have sub-notebooks. Only notebooks and stacks."  

You can get close by using the alphabet.  See image below.  

Multiple levels of indenture would be a great enhancement.


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@JoeM49 From an organizational view, I would reduce the number of notebooks, and use more tags.

Let us say you have a chemical for your garden, you need to buy it from the internet, then apply it and you want to follow up on the use.

You could put everything in one „Gardening“ notebook, or even better „Garden“. Then you add information about this chemical, web clips, data sheets, application advise, your chemical log (when applied, mixture, plants treated etc.), pictures etc.

When you have the name of the product in all notes, search will find it. You can then use tags to identify the different types of information. This to include it in search, or exclude it if the list grows too long. A saved search works like a virtual dynamic notebook for more frequent access.

The good thing about tags: You can use several tags on just one document. This is far better than ordering by notebooks (including sub-notebooks). You can put a note into only one notebook at a time - which leads to duplication or search problems that do not happen with tags.

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