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Dreadful "Upgrade" - Help Requested - Will Keep You Posted

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I just submitted a help request which is included below, I'll let you know if I ever hear anything.

Hello, I and my wife have been paying for Evernote for years and been happy with it. The latest update is just absolutely dreadful and I now actually hate using the application. It is unreliable, slow to load, difficult to navigate, has no reliable "all notes" backup option and multiple features have just "gone". I have thousands of PDFs attached to my notes and I selected Evernote, and paid for it, because it would search within the notes. It now won't, so what do I do to find my stuff (10,000+ notes) and what am I paying for? Your website (see attached image) says Evernote will search within PDFs and that is what I am paying for but it won't. Where do I go from here, don't tell me to use the Legacy version, if that's the answer this "upgrade" should be withdrawn.

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 17.19.19.jpg

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