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Help using Snap to Shape



I just downloaded Evernote for the first time and I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the snap to shape feature.  I'm using an iPad pro with the original Apple Pencil.

For context, I would like to use Evernote to draw diagrams for use during virtual/online college lectures.


I see how to turn the snap to shape feature on; but, it seems to be very hit-or-miss.  

  • Only about 75% of the rectangles I draw snap to shape
  • Only about 35% of the ellipses I draw snap to shape
  • None of the triangles I draw snap to shape.

From what I can tell, the shape I draw by hand has to be very close to the target to be recognized.  For example, if there is any gap at all between the starting and ending point, it won't be recognized as a rectangle.  Similarly, if there is any extra "curl" at all at the beginning or end of my ellipses, they won't be recognized.  (I have no idea what the problem is with triangles.)

  • Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity?
  • If I draw a shape and it doesn't get recognized, is there a way to tell Evernote to "try again" (other than erasing the shape and drawing it over)?
  • If I draw a line and it doesn't quite snap to the right place, is there a way to adjust/nudge it?

(If it helps, my goal is to be able to draw diagrams as I am lecturing, then go back and quickly clean them up.  The snap to shape feature isn't helpful if I have to be highly accurate for it to work.  At that point, the shape is already good enough.  Is there a different app I should be using for this?)

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