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Turning off Spell Check

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I have just installed and signed up to Evernote. My first impressions are positive, but I am really infuriated by the lack of consideration shown to technical/specialist people like myself (scientist), and others who regularly use words not found in any general dictionary.  I have spent far too much time searching for ways to deal with those stupid red squiggles !

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Agreed.  It doesn't make sense to give a feature like spellcheck that can't be turned off.  I can't see myself upgrading to v10 or ever purchasing a Premium plan unless this is fixed.

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Totally agree with above comments.  I have already paid for Evernote and am finding the new version (10.6.9 Win) to be a step backwards. If I was a basic or trial Evernote user I would not pay to become a Premium user..  For some words I can "add to dictionary" although it gets very frustrating doing this so often  - But for some other words (or a mix or text and numbers together) the is simply no option - so I have to put up with the red-squiggles.  VERY ANNOYING

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I am just going to bump every spellcheck thread up until Evernote is aware of this freaking issue. I was so happy with legacy version. However with the new version, all I see is words with red underline... Arrggg my eyes will go crazy!!!

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