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Copy and paste note content with images

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I have a note that contains images and text. When I select and copy, I cannot paste into another app with images - it only copies the text. Seems to be the same on the web version. Is there a workaround for this? 

I'm accustomed to using Evernote to gather information while I research things on the web. If I can't copy it out easily, that greatly undermines Evernote's usefulness. I'm pretty sure this used to work on the web and the old Mac version.

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Same problem here and was told in December that they were working on it. The thread now shows as resolved in my inbox, though it is obviously NOT resolved. I also can't cut content from the internet and paste it INTO an Evernote note.

I agree this renders Evernote more frustrating than it is useful.

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I can now copy and paste from a web page into Evernote. Copying out of Evernote still loses images. The same is true if I copy from EN on the web. Old Evernote continues to work as expected and I can copy/paste from it.

Another win for using a website as a desktop app. :(

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