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Tagging PDFs automatically

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Dear community,

Im new to Evernote, well not really new but let’s say I haven’t been using it like I want from now on.

There is one big thing that bothers me very very much, I’d love to know how you would do in my situation...

I really would like to go all paperless but keep track of all my company’s documents, which are quite a bunch.

Basically I’ve been looking for a DMS for Mac/Win/iOS but no available solution made me feel comfortable.

I was using DEVONthink for a very long time but the limitations on iOS and Windows bug me very much.

So, After a lot of research and analysis what I Need, best product seems to be Evernote. So I created a business account and started importing my docs.

Im able to search for content in all the PDFs I uploaded, that’s really awesome, but reorganizing everything is quite a lot of manual work, so I was wondering if there are options to tag notes (PDFs) automatically by its contents. For example a PDF contains the word „invoice“ it should get tagged with „invoice“.

I suppose the informations are available, as I’m able to search for and get correct results, so I hope there’s a chance for content based tagging too??


Thank you so much in advance




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As far as I know there is no way to do this natively as you import them. However, a second best solution would be to search for the PDFs that you want to be tagged with the same tag and then mass tag them all. So for example, search for invoice pdfs and then add the tag invoice, then repeat for others. If you let me know what version of Evernote you are using I can do some screenshots for you. (by version I mean are you using the Legacy desktop app, web app, or the new v10 desktop app). Mass tagging can only be done on desktop and/or web at the moment, not mobile apps.

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There is one way I know and use, but it starts with how the documents are created.

I use Scanner Pro by readdle on my iPhone to scan documents. The app has the ability to define workflows. So you can create a workflow for receipts, for invoices, for orders, for a hobby or a charity, for kids stuff, training material etc. In each workflow you can define the notebook where you want to save the scan, and the standard tags you want to assign.

So it is scan, then hit one button, and the pdf goes to the designated notebook, ready with tags. With 10 workflows I cover appr. 80% of my scans. 

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