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Ability to permanently exclude a notebook from search

kay dee


I have a lot of notes (and notebooks) and many searches brings up a lot of irrelevant notes. I see there have been request about ability to archive notes. What I am asking is tad bit different. Whether or not we call it archive, I want to be able to mark some notebooks as "exclude from search".

I do understand there is a workaround to add a tag and do a search excluding the tag, but that's just a suboptimal experience (specifically on mobile).

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47 minutes ago, antonmos said:

+1 big time.

A possible workaround is as follows. Create a saved search which excludes your archive notebook. e.g. 


Save this as a shortcut. Probably at the top of the list as it's important. Remember you can then access it as ctrl-1 (Windows)

You can run the search which will return all the notes not in the archive folder . You can then filter the results or add search text to the search box after the text above.

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To contact EN, use the feedback function.

Currently the filters work positive: You can select a notebook as search target. You can’t deselect in the filters.

To exclude a notebook you can use the above posted „-notebook:mynotebook“ claim. If you need it more often, create a saved search from it.

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