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shortcuts bar - how do I get it back on top?

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1 minute ago, McVitas said:

Hello, so I have reinstalled OS on a new PC and installed Evernote for windows. I am not very happy with the new design and I can't figure out how to put the shortcuts where I had it before - on top of the window. Is it possible?

Use the Legacy product - install from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

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Another thing: where is the sync button? I am using Windows app and Android app and I got used to always click sync on a PC before going somewhere otherwise it was very likely it does not sync and I will not have the latest data on my android phone

Silly question: where (the heck) are application options? I can't find it in the menu!

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3 hours ago, McVitas said:

Really, so this is the new default? The first thing I noticed is ONLY missing functionality. I wonder why is this not a beta and released only after user feedback is implemented?

Not alone in that question.

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