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Checklist vs Checkbox. Mac v 10.5.7 build 2171

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I have had my grocery list set up for quite a few years and works for me.    I loved the simple checkbox   If I need something I check it off when I have it in my cart, I uncheck it.

1.  The little check box icon seems to have disappeared in the little RTE.  I had to look up how to get to the checkbox and not a check list

2. The issue seems to be when 2 items are checked and find I need to add a new item which I have always done with a simple return and add.  Now all the items turn into a checklist and the checked items grayed out.       It was not intuitive how to add a new checkbox item to an existing list when I wanted it item 3 out of 5 items. 

Please change back to the previous way it was.   I never want anything a checklist.   Or make it easier for those who want the old way so simple. 

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This issue / request is already discussed several times. In conclusion there is no hope that this behavior will be changed and removed again.

If you want to use list with checkboxes instead of a checklist with strikethrough behavior, just like me for my grocery list as well, there still is a simple solution and workaround:

Just begin your list-paragraphs with a single space before you add your checkbox - by the way: fastest with the markdown-command "[]".
This will break and stop the autoformat and autiocorrection of v10 from list with checkboxes to checklist ...

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