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Syntax Error for Script Error Import




I'm trying to use Script Editor to import my Apple Notes into Evernote. Using the following code I found on a discussion board (see below). I am getting the Syntax error "Expected end of line, etc. but found application constant or consideration." with note highlighted. Tried opening & closing Evernote, then re-downloading from the web. I am on Big Sur. 

tell application "Notes"

set theMessages to every note

repeat with thisMessage in theMessages

set myTitle to the name of thisMessage

set myText to the body of thisMessage

set myCreateDate to the creation date of thisMessage

set myModDate to the modification date of thisMessage

tell application "Evernote.app"

set myNote to create note with text myTitle title myTitle  notebook "New Business Notes" tags ["imported_from_notes"]

set the HTML content of myNote to myText

set the creation date of myNote to myCreateDate

set the modification date of myNote to myCreateDate

end tell

end repeat

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