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How to get customer service to fix a problem.


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I have been trying for days to get customer service to apply my annual payment after I inadvertently deactivated my account.  I paid annual fee and not ever a month deactivated my account.  I reactivated very next day and requested they reapply my annual payment.  They are refusing at this point.  

Any suggestions about how I can get this resolved?

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First question: Are you on a subscription ? Support access on technical issues is restricted to subscribers.

Second question: Where / how did you issue your ticket ? The usual way is through your browser - I personally found the support option on the mobile clients to be a simpler, more direct method of sending a ticket.

Third question: Did you receive shortly after sending your ticket an automatic answer mail, with a ticket number ? Only this number will allow your answers to enter the ticketing system, and only when you received this email, a ticket was created. If volume is normal, support will contact you by email within the next working day. If your mail address is having problem, or if it sends the mails from EN into your SPAM folder, you won't receive the answers that were send.

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