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Change url-scheme evernote:// from Legacy to v10

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That's a question for support I think - given that there are two Evernote databases on your device it may be that your OS (Windows? MacOS?) needs to be told which app to use,  or it could be that v10 direct links are/ will be created in a different way - unless you opted to retain a copy of the database on your device,  there's no local file to address.  You have a temporary database in a different format.  Easier for the moment to use the web client to open notes...

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Just tried it on Windows by inserting classic and web links into a note, synced it and opened it in both versions:

Legacy always opens the destination note within Legacy - even the https://...evernote.../shard/-link

  • This means that Legacy itself catches "open" commands to https:-destinations, parses for "www.evernote.com/shard/ and redirects the open to itself - tricky, but makes sense...

EN-10 opens the evernote:///view/...-link within EN-10 and https://- within a browser

  • both is correct but not the same behaviour as in Legacy.

If You use the links from outside EN (maybe by inserting the URL in browser's address line

  • evernote:///view/...-links are opened in EN-10
  • https://-links are opened in browser

==> there is no way to open a note in Legacy by using an URL from outside EN 😞

I tried to figure out whether there are some definitions in Registry that might be used by Windows to connect "evernote://" to Legacy. But I'm not deep enough inside secrets of Registry. It's a point on which only EN support can help...

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