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Cannot delete tags

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I have Evernote v10.5.7 Build 2171 public, running on Windows 10. I cannot delete any tag I have created. When I right click on tag names, nothing happens:


I searched for previous posts, and I did log out then log in, also restarted my PC, nothing helped. Any idea?


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Using v 10.5.7 build 2171 public on the Mac

The only option on ellipses i see is to add to shortcuts. I see the option in the web interface, so perhaps someone will return it to the desktop app soon.

Wait, no -- there are some that come up with the option to delete. Some JUST come up with add to shortcuts.  (Not only that but another workflow for adding a bunch of tags at once has been removed. ARGH.)

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MacOS 11.1, EN Mac 10.5.7

When the elipse shows, click on the 3 dots behind the tag. 3a is the option to remove the tag from all notes where it is applied, but keep the tag itself. 3b is the option to delete the tag.


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Some tags do not have the delete tag option. See below. This is on the desktop version. I went to the web version & there most of my tags are completely missing.

I also don't have the "Hide unassigned tags" option.

So there is no way to remove / delete this tag.

When I try to tag a new note with "action", it creates a duplicate "action" tag, which is deletable. But that means I end up with two action tags (since this one cannot be deleted and also cannot be used).


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4 hours ago, Azeroth said:

I went to the web version & there most of my tags are completely missing.

This worries more than the problem you are having with the desktop version. In the web version you are essentially seeing what is on the server without any issues of synchronisation etc. I would raise a support ticket because I can't recall having seen this behaviour mentioned in the forums before so I don't think it is a bug that a lot of people are experiencing.

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