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Note Created Date in Note List Bug

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I mentioned this before after the ability to modify the Note Created date was introduced to v10 - there seems to be a bug in how the dates are displayed in the Note list.

The attached image shows the note list of my !Next folder as it appears in the Legacy and v10.5.7 versions (screen captures taken approx 11:30am on Dec 28th)

The Legacy version shows the date as dd/mm/yyyy  (UK format) and tomorrow's date is shown as "Tomorrow".

In v10.5.7 the created dates for 30th and 31st December are shown as "Dec30" and "Dec 31" - I can live with this as it probably overcomes any different regional date formatting (e.g. dd/mm/yyy vs mm/dd/yyy  ).

However, the 3 notes shown in the Legacy version with a date of "Tomorrow" appear in v10.5.7 very differently -

Tomorrow (29th December) 009:02 appears as "21 hours ago"
Tomorrow (29th December) 10:50 appears as "23 hours ago"
Tomorrow (29th December) 20:01 appears as "Dec 29"

Why don't all 3 "Tomorrow" dates appear as "Dec 29" ?

Why do the first two dates appear as "nn hours ago" , suggesting dates in the past?
The date/time these screenshots were taken was 29th December approx 11:30 - so the 3rd date/time is still in the future  while the first note was only 2.5 hours ago and the second only 40 minutes ago!

It seems like the there is a calculation in the program code which for some reason attempts to determine if the created date is in the past and then gets it wrong (21 hours ago should probably be 3 and 23 hours should probably be 1)

I'm not sure why the program is attempting to work out id the date is in the future or the past - I'd be quite happy to see those first two dates displayed as "Dec 29", but it is an annoying bug which ought ton be fixable.

EN note list dates compare.png

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I've no idea why the issue should be as described but it could, in part, be that you are asking the program to treat a created date as an action/to do date.  In real life something cannot have been created in the future. So it possible that the display of that column is, not unreasonably, presuming a creation date in the past and not displaying correctly if it has a date in the future. The issue is, I suspect, as you describe.  Some checking is done to determine if a date is today, yesterday or tomorrow and then displaying the word instead of the actual date.

I think you've taken advantage of a strange quirk which no longer behaves as it once did.

This feels like a support ticket is probably the way to get some traction but I wouldn't expect an instant fix.

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asteele -

I can see your point if view. However, the ability to edit the Note Creation Date (and Time) was specifically added in v10.1 as I believe it is a feature that many EN users utilise. I don't believe there are or should be any restrictions on the value of the Date Created field - don't forget there is also the Date updated field .

Looking through my notes, the bug exists for the period from midnight this morning up to the created time of the note - - if a note has a creation date of today and a creation time earlier than the current time then the "nn hours ago" is calculated incorrectly. If I set the creation date to the previous daym then the Creation date is displayed as the text "Yesterday" (inconsistently, creation dates of the next day aren't displayed as "Tomorrow").

And looking through older notes where I had set the creation date those creations dates are being displayed correctly. The bug applies if the creation date is the current day...😦

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@AdmiralP I'm not suggesting that your assessment is wrong - just that it is possible to conceive of why such a use of a created date might not be what was anticipated. As I said, I'd raise a support ticket in the hope that, eventually, the calculation of time to go/gone would be fixed.

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