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Change colour of Note Title



I like the options available in the Note Editor to format the body of a note.

I would like to have an option to change the font colour of the note Title - this could be a means of giving priority to certain notes - making them stand out ibn the Notes List

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2 hours ago, AdmiralP said:

making them stand out in the Notes List

fwiw  Emoji and symbols can be used in the note title   
           For example, my daily journal note         2020-12-25 Journal [🟢2020.360 Friday] !JournalDaily

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Oups - a nice advantage of EN-10. At least on Windows, Legacy allows to use emojis but displays it only in black and white. EN-10 fully supports coloured emojis in text, title, tags, ...

Just klick Windows-. (German Keyboard; maybe Windows-; on others...) to open the emoji dialog, select one and close the dialog to insert it at the current cursor position.

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Thanks DTLow and AlbertR fort the Emoji suggestion - I wasn't sure what the constraints were on the Note Title field.

I'll experiment with a few suitable symbols and see how that goes;

but it would still be nice to be able to change the title font colour  😀

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