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why is evernote so incredibly slow now?

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i am using evernote on pc windows 7 with chrome.  previously i could type in evernote and the letters i typed would appear on the screen instantly.  now, i can type, but i have to wait like 6-7 seconds for the letters i typed to show up, and that's if i'm lucky.  i tried to submit a bug report, but evernote did the 'streamline the user experience' thing to such an extent that i was unable to submit the report.  i filled out all the fields and at the bottom of the website page it said i should report a bug, but i was ALREADY on the report a bug webpage.  i am smart enough to see that evernote is not actually interested in receiving bug reports, even they are trying to convince us otherwise.  as a result, i am not going to do evernote's job by providing a complete study, i am merely reporting the issue and and it is up to evernote if they care to do anything about it.


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I too will jump in on this topic. I've been with Evernote for many years through thick and thin and generally felt through it all if I were patient, bugs and glitches would eventually resolve. While I like the "idea" of the new software version, the practicality of using it is painfully, achingly, slow. It is so slow that after I post here I am looking for some sort of alternative. Now is the time of year that I need to drill down and sort through end of year notes/receipts etc. on both my business and personal (Premium, I might add) accounts. While I love that PDF's are easier to rename, honestly that is about the only thing they got right as far as it affects my usage. I have spent the morning working at about 1/8th the speed I would normally use to accomplish the same tasks due to the HUGE latency and lag time in saving changes to or moving notes. I have blazing fast internet upload and download speeds, 64G RAM and I feel like I am on an ancient relic of a system. Time can not be made back when it is wasted and Evernote, you are indeed wasting mine. To say I am frustrated is an understatement.

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i guess it's not my system then. i guess upgrading won't help either.  evernote used to be pretty good, but, i imagine they got some new ceo who wanted to make his mark.  there is alot of that going around nowadays.  oh well.  i'm still using it as a backup for my other text program. 

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I have deleted and reinstalled at your recommendation. Also, restarted computer several times to see if that would help. Neither has speeded it up. There is a lot of latency when dragging and stopping notes-far from « snappy ». Moving notes, adding hashtags, renaming PDF’s is a slog with lots of spinning green circles to entertain me while waiting. After reading about other people’s issues and the complete loss of their workflows, I realize I am being a bit harsh in my criticism. I like to work super fast when organizing my notes and notebooks. That the new app can’t keep up is an inconvenience and really irritating. My hope is it will speed up soon. None of the options to replace Evernote I have looked at thus far appear to be any more efficient and all require a significant investment of precious time in order to migrate. 

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For me Evernote 10+ has been the slowest most frustrating software “upgrade” I have ever come across. Since 1989 Yesterday for instance I thought I’d give it another go because really, it can’t be that bad but no, it was and then some, three attempts to just start it and no, it just froze on startup each time and had to be force quit, then after about 10 mins of trying I finally got this pile of @£&?! Going and it was so slow it was laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that it had ten years of my life tied up in it, ten years of my dedicated input over countless hours with my valued data stuck inside this streaming pile of S&£(;!! t. So no I’m not happy with this latest version 10+ 
fast new IMac; made it feel like rubbish, my 12 year old iMac on the other hand running pre version 10 works instantaneously with the old classic Evernote, no delay in anything I ask of it plus for people that can actually type, keyboard shortcuts! Oh my goodness Evernote, what have you done to my old friend!

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