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Crop feature is unusable (plus two minor annoyances)



I really love Scannable and have been using it for many years. But for a while now the Crop feature is almost unusable due to the fact that the bottom two thirds of that circular detail view are just black (see screenshot). I can't properly align the borders because I can't see anything. This really needs fixing please!

Not quite as bad but still annoying is that with every update I need to sign in again and then have to go through the same old intro over again – and then my settings are lost ... which means I have to remember to disable automatically adding the "Scannable" tag and so forth – every time.

Lastly, when I want to save a scan to Files, the "Save" and "Cancel" (I'm assuming that's what they say) buttons are invisible - fortunately their functionality still works if I tap on the white space where the buttons should be – it's like magic :) 

[I'm using Scannable 2.4 (1529) on iPhone 12 with iOS 14.3]

Scannable _ Crop.jpeg

Scannable _ Send - Share - Save to Files.jpeg

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