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Evernote has lost my notes!!



I just spent an hour adding notes to evernotes using the iphone app.  The app displayed clip saved confirmation notices and the notes initially appeared in my Evernote account - I checked while adding them.  I returned a few minutes later to review all of the new notes and they were gone!  I've refreshed the app and checked via desktop - no notes! 

I've run a few more tests - same route - clip a note from the iOS app (confirmed via app) - it initially displays as saved in my notes and then disappears from the app and never appears via desktop.  Consistently losing notes.

Really disappointing - I'm a long time user of Evernote and haven't had this issue before but this is a huge deal breaker for me - wth Evernote?

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Additional detail - It appears the local notes created on the iOS app are not syncing with my main account and are being dropped.  The sync now function in the settings never completes when I attempt to manually sync.

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