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Images in evernote - has the format changed?

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I make all of my medical school notes in Evernote and then copy paste certain bits into anki to make revision flashcards. Now I cant copy the images - they just show as broken images links when pasted into anki. This last update has really tested me - from empty notes everynow and again and other issues, but this might be the final straw as it has broken my whole workflow pattern. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a setting somewhere I can change?

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I too am having the same problem with photo (JPEG) images. With over 3000 notes all with copy/pasted images taken from different places on the internet.  The copy/cut/paste feature no longer exist. And evernote's new feature of "blue dot" or "blue lines"  does NOT work at all. So.....how can I insert photo images  into my WORD DOC. notes?    Why can't evernote have some of the compatible features like Miscrosoft OneNote.  It seems unfortunately, OneNote might be the way I might go.  

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Nobody here has mentioned what devices you're using - if you're on Desktop the simple fix is to install the Legacy version* which will give you back the standard image handling options.  There's no step back available for mobiles or the web version - Evernote is still bringing out updates and improvements to the new version so things should improve,  but what you see is pretty much all that is available for the meantime - just make sure you're on the latest release.  There must be work-arounds for what you want to do.. images are not 'locked' into notes - they can be downloaded,  emailed,  opened on another device or shared to another account...

Subscribers can report issues to Evernote Support (which we're not) so they may be able to help too... https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new


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