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iPhone App Green Status Bar

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I noticed today that my iPhone is showing a green status type bar in the notebooks, but that is not showing online or on my ipad.
Can anyone tell me what is going on with that bar?

See attached pic.

I just want to make sure there is not some sort of limit in a notebook.

I have very few notes in there and no pictures to speak of, just text.

Just curious on what this is.



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This means the notebook is selected as „offline notebook“ in the settings.

The green bar shows the download progress.

Personally I am waiting for the offline feature to get a bug fix - it currently does not automatically add new notes to the offline content after the initial download. This makes it pretty useless, because the newest notes will not be there when offline.

You can toggle it in the apps settings, tab „notebooks“. When you toggle it from on to off, the slider will jump back to on by itself. You need to wait (depending on the size of the notebook), sometimes more than a minute. Then the toggle by itself moves to „off“.

Still some bugs to squeeze on this ....

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