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Exporting Evernote Notes to Another App -- Formatting Intact

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I've done the Evernote to Apple Notes dance a few times now. While I'm relatively happy back in EN, I wonder about future exports should I decide to leave. 

I'm hearing things about a limitation of 50 notes at a time using the V10 apps. I trust this will be upgraded in future?

While the legacy client still exists, I'm more concerned about the format of my notes. I have some web clippings and such that look like a hot mess when converted to Apple Notes. I was listening to a podcast yesterday (Mac Power Users) and they mentioned Evernote's export is a disaster. I always thought I could easily get my information out of EN, and for the most part it does appear to work, but I don't want to have to check 1200 notes one by one to make sure there's no funny business if the day should ever come I leave EN. 

Any good export options I'm not aware of, or something I'm missing?

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26 minutes ago, TheGrudge said:

Any good export options I'm not aware of, or something I'm missing?

Evernote's note format is enml; basically html   
My data backups include a weekly export in html format   
For the most part, this is an exact match to the Evernote notes

>>I have some web clippings and such that look like a hot mess

Same here; the clippings are also a mess in Evernote   
Evernote handles basic html code well; not so well the complex code used on some web pages    
For an exact match, use a different format - screenshot, web archive, ...

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