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Mac Data Encrypted at Rest



Is the current database encrypted at rest (on the disk)? I cannot find anywhere that addresses this question.

I use Evernote quite a bit for personal and professional reasons. Recently I was issued a corporate laptop and would love to install EN on it, but the company regularly scans the data on the laptop. If I put EN on the corporate laptop, I would want assurances that the corporate scanning would not ingest all of the private data I have stored in EN. Currently I use the web version, and that’s fine, but a local copy would be even better.

Does Evernote encrypt the database at rest on a Mac?

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Wouldn’t help in this case either. If it is a managed computer under control of company IT, one should always assume that they hold a „master key“.

As a rule, never install personal apps (if allowed ...) on a computer owned by your employer. Using the web client is a better solution, best is to use a mobile client over the mobile network (not your employers WIFI).

Beside this, on every Mac there is FileVault that protects all data on the disk against illegitimate access of all data. It should be activated as a part of a security strategy, as „Find my Mac“.

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