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Navigation in the new 10.5.7 version for Mac



Hello there,

I am trying to convey a feedback on this new version, and I understand that this is the right place to do it. Please do forward this message to appropriate contact person within Product Management or New Features Development, because I experience with this new version "serious pain" which did not happen before, and I really need to understand if my feedbacks will be taken in consideration or not. I have just read on the Blog the message from Ian Small which gave me the context of what Evernote is currently aiming at, and I understand... I do hope that in the balance between the quest for new capabilities and restoring missing [old] features, the feedback I am giving here below will be taken into consideration ! Maybe it has already been integrated in what Ian mentioned in his message with the following  "In upcoming releases, we will restore a full slate of..." I guess that my feedbacks should have been already expressed earlier on by Evernote users who mainly work on the Mac App, but I do not know.

I like and understand the spirit of the new 10.5.7, but there is a significant drop in productivity and ease of use of Evernote [which is my key central App for managing my business assignments...] because some key functionalities of the former "main menu" simply disappeared.

Here are the key topics which are no longer possible : i) Former version menu: File => New Window [it looks like it is no longer possible to have two windows opened at the same time, which is key to navigate quickly in the app when you manage lots of notebooks for instance. By "Window", I mean the App window, not a single note window which is still there] ii) Open Note in New Tab : this feature was accessible by right-clicking on a note. It is an essential tool for multi-tasking in several notes at the same time that you can open in front of you in "one screen" only, exactly as the Finder of a Mac... I do not believe that Apple will remove this feature in the future...🙂 and I cannot imagine working with Evernote without it… and iii) In the former version, when you click on a Note Link, the Note opens up directly and in the same window. Now, you have to click twice, and if you work from a note outside of the main window, you come back there.... I make extensive use of Note Links, and it is now far less fluid. [Maybe Ian mentioned that this one would be fixed?]

I do thank you in advance for your help with the above. I am an Evernote fan and addict user…

Kind regards,


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