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"Show as attachment" option disabled on images on EN Legacy

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  1. Have notes with lots of PDFs and images attached between text paragraphs. Your attachments are set as "show as attachment" - it was a feature which needed to be enabled on EN Legacy - so the note is easily readable, browsable...
  2. Migrate to EN10 and open notes
  3. All images are now shown expanded. On a note with lots of document scans this is simply unusable
  4. Your format is lost. Now you must re-set all images as "show as attachment".
  5. If you add new images and set as attachment on EN10, they show expanded on EN Legacy


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17 minutes ago, DTLow said:

"Show as attachment" is an option for various file formats   
I don't recall it as an option for images

After your comment I recalled it's an option under Settings>Note>Notes visualization options>Allow images to show as attachment. After Legacy reinstallation, the setting was set to default value - feature disabled.

So this particular issue is solved, you may close, thank you.

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  • Ã�xel changed the title to Images' "show as attachment" option is lost on your notes in EN10

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