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Tabs not working as expected

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I'd expect tabs in evernote to work as in a browser. It should display the name of the note that I've selected, and keep the content static. Instead, all the tabs that I have open display "all notes", and apparently, the content within those tabs changes without me doing anything. This way, having tabs is completely pointless. I would like to use tabs so my most important notes (a subset of what's in my bookmarks) are constantly open an easy to reach. If I open a new tab and select a note from the bookmarks, there is no logical reason for the name of the tab to be the name of the notebook that the note I've selected belongs to. All I want is to associate the new tab to the specific note that I've selected, have the name of that note on it, and unless I select another note, it should just stay as it is when I've created it.

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