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Evernote for mac 10: It's not the manual that's missing



Other users: Please add to this list; things you used and need back.
I imagine I'll discover more things. I've already reverted to 7 on one of macs. (Wish I could revert the IOS version too; now multiple taps to do things that used to be easy. )

  • Ability to have multiple notes open
  • Ability to have a note open / popped out & have the "main view" visible
  • Ability to see multiple notes that meet a search criteria in the grid layout (where notes look like postits)
  • Sync button (yes, I read why it's gone, but it's  still needed sometimes)
  • Restore  "format" to the menu bar. It's more mac like!
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Interesting: I wrote to support about having multiple notes open and the ability to have a note open and see the main window at the same time. They told me it was something that might be restored / coming and how to revert to the old version.

Today I discovered by accident that you can have multiple notes open and or have a note open and the main window open.
The secret: Double click a note. It will pop open leaving the main window open as well.
Either the tech support person who answered me didn't really read my request...or they didn't know that the feature still exists but is accessed differently AND not noted in the update notes.

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