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Notification of Release Notes Popping Daily



Over the last month or two, I am getting a daily pop on Release Notes. It happens when I utilize Chrome. I used to get a Release Notes notification only when they had an update available. Now, I am getting this pop nearly every day. 

I have looked for a way to turn it off but am not finding anything. Has anyone else experience this and figured out how to turn it off? This will drive me away from Evernote if it does not change soon.

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Well I have the problem but have not found a way to turn it off either.  I have disabled Evernote from the startup file.  No joy.  It does not seem to have anything running as a service, so how does it even wake up?

Another annoying problem is that when my Microsoft Surface 6 Win10 wakes, there is Evernote occupying the full screen.  Every time! ?!!!?! %##&#^#

Ver 10.5.7 build 2171



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This was reported and discussed at length in a previous forum post dating from 21 Dec: "continuous-release-note-pop-up" (meaning 'daily popup', not continuous obviously) https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132862-fixed-in-version-106-continuous-release-note-pop-up/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-602026


In that thread, staff member Shane D on 30 Dec (yes, a full 9 days later) declared "we are aware of this issue, are able to reproduce it, and are working to fix it as quickly as we can."  He marked it solved.  It was not solved.  He renamed the thread ungrammatically as well - maybe he did not like the perky 'you are up to date! popup' title.

Other users in that thread reported support tickets being closed without the bug being fixed.

On 13 Jan (yes, 2 weeks later) he chipped in "This issue has been fixed in our most recent release, Version 10.6, you can download here.This thread is now closed. If you have any questions, or a new issue to report, please start a new thread.

Which is odd because today is the 17th, and Evernote is still telling me (unprompted, daily, or on request) 'you are up to date with version 10.5.7'.

We have all been enrolled in a kafka-esque beta program without consent by an organisation that does not understand how to do software.

It kind of makes you want to *strongly dislike* an organisation that renames threads, marks them solved, and closes them.... plus leave something as simple as a very annoying (and potentially automated-process-disruptive, or presentation-disruptive) popup for a frickin' month. 

What planet do these people live on, and what are they smoking?

I discussed this with a well-known tech magazine's Evernote reviewer who wrote (amazingly) a long and interesting reply about declining management quality.  And, basically - 'why not look at alternatives - I am'.

Great idea.



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