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How do I set default on viewing PDFs to ALL PAGES?

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My Mac app was just updated. I am shocked that I cannot seem to have my PDF files showing ALL PAGES.  It is unbelievable that I have to use the little arrows at the bottom of the page to scroll through the PDF.  In past versions I would be able to just scroll down on the note and see all my PDFs easily.

I use Evernote 95% for PDF archive. This is terrible if I cannot setup a global setting. I have literally used Evernote since the beginning of the company. If this cannot be changed to a global preference, I really am going to be looking for other options. I have four subscriptions for my family and a number of subscriptions for my business. Not happy at all!

I see you simplified the interface on this version, which generally I agree with, but Jesus, you have overdone things!

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I don't recall when this changed, but certainly a backward step. It is fine where the pdf fits in one page, but for a standard A4 page on a laptop monitor resizing the page to fit makes it too small to read. 

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I find this change very frustrating too.  Who thought it would be a good idea to limit viewing to the first page?

This just doubles the effort of viewing documents whether they be academic papers or bank statements.

Please either set back to "all pages" by default or make it a user setting.  Please.

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Got frustrated again... saw there was a new version of Evernote. Now I can do tasks? WTF? I don't need that. Does anybody?

What I do need is a way to change the default view settings for PDFs. It is absolutely unusable to me if I have to view all pages on a PDF by PDF basis. Why can't this be a global setting? One of the stupidest decisions I've seen from a software company in a very long time.

FYI- I found I could download "Evernote Legacy". I am now using that since I can get that default PDF view I want.

I am really going to start looking for a better app for my needs. I've been a paid subscriber for 12 years.

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EN v10 only has very little settings, and IMHO for a reason. Settings need to be processed, and each setting adds to the code base of the app. Since it already has a speed issue, further bloating it is probably not a good idea.

So you need to click on a pdf before you can see it all, and this makes the app unusable for you. I have to admit our understanding of „unusable“ is divergent. I call it a minor viewing issue, maybe not even a bug because it is designed that way.

This does not mean you must like it the way it is.

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I am beyond frustrated by this!!! I hate evernote !!!! I want to find a different way to archive my documents . I cannot believe i got roped in to paying for this ***** service. I want to see all of my pdf pages by default!!!!!!!

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In this case find another service that does it all, plus shows your pdfs in all pages view. AFAIK EN decided to show small attachments in page by page, and large attachments in attachment view to reduce system load.

If it would show in „all pages“ as a standard, all attachments (there can be more than only one) would need to be completely loaded when a note is just opened. This means the user has to wait until all pages of all attachments have been properly rendered, even if the user does not want to see any of them at all.

In my opinion the current standard viewing option is a good compromise between usability and loading time. Not anybody needs to agree, however.

You can contact EN about it by issuing a support ticket.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

In this case find another service that does it all, plus shows your pdfs in all pages view.

Yep - this is really the only practical thing to do if viewing the whole PDF inline by default is a deal-breaker. EN may add this (back) in the future but there are no guarantees and I advise against banging one's head against the wall too much.

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